How We Manage Construction Deadlines Using Portable Storage Containers In Our Sites

Wondering what would be a cost-effective way to move your belongings to your new destination? Packers and movers can get really costly, especially if you are moving from one state to another. You may have also checked the options for truck hire but didn’t find them suitable enough to carry the entire luggage together. Your next best alternative is to hire a portable moving pod Edmonton. These are perfect for families who do not have a big budget for shifting their belongings but want a safe and secure way to get the job done. So, what exactly is a portable moving container?

You must have seen huge box-like structures parked in driveways and wondered what they are. Well, they are portable moving containers that you can rent to carry your belongings to a new location. These containers are spacious enough to hold a lot of things inside and you can get them shipped to the location you are moving to.

How do you use the container?

There are many companies that provide portable moving containers on rent to customers. You can get in touch with the nearest company that offers these containers. Consult with them about the number of belongings you have and the approximate weight. They will suggest the suitable container. Sign off the documents and set a date and time when the container will be dropped at your location. On the specified date and time, you will see that the container has been left in front of your house. You can also specify the number of days or weeks for which you will need the container. Pack all the items that you plan to move and keep them inside the container.

The container will be picked by the company representatives and transported to your location on the day you move. You will get a significant amount of time to unpack. Once everything is cleared from the container, you can call the company and get it taken away.

Why should you hire portable moving containers?

With the abundance of packers and movers, you may be in a dilemma whether to go for portable moving containers. Given below are some of the reasons why hiring these containers will be beneficial in every way:

• Packing and unpacking can take a lot of time. Moreover, you will know best which items to pack more safely than others. You can pack at your own pace and also take your time while unpacking. These containers can be hired for weeks at a very reasonable price. You will get a lot of time to pack and unpack safely.

• All your belongings will be safe while the container is transported. The containers are handled by experienced professionals. They use special cranes and trucks to shift the containers. There are times when a hydraulic lift system is used to life the containers if the size is too big. All the containers are insulated and are very strong. Moreover, there is no question of theft because the containers are locked.

• It will be impossible to load and unload all the heavy items in the container on your own. There will be experts who will help to load the container. They have the expertise to load a lot of items in one container in such a way so that the objects do not get damaged in transit. Also, there will be people to help while unloading.

• Hiring portable moving containers will satisfy your pocket than any other moving service. You can hire these containers for a long period of time but the charges you pay are quite reasonable. It is a safe and cost-effective way of moving to a new destination.

Precautions to take

There are several precautionary measures that you should take while packing the items. The company will also specify a few rules that you have to follow. Let’s take a look at some of those basic rules:

Pack all the items safely and in an efficient manner. Put the small items in boxes and label them correctly. It will be best if you can bubble wrap these boxes for better protection of the items inside. If there are flammable items in the container, make sure you label them and inform the container company about the presence of those goods that are flammable.

• Get thick blankets that will line the bottom of the container. This will protect all the goods from tumbling over and getting damaged during transit. There will be vibrations when the container is moved and loaded. To prevent any box or heavy items from breaking down, you can arrange for a couple of thick blankets or more so that they can absorb the vibration.

• Keep all the heavy items on the base. Dining tables, chairs, heavy furniture, and other heavy items should always be kept in the first layer. They will create more space for all the smaller items. It will make both the loading and the unloading process easier. You can also get blankets or bubble wraps to prevent collision between one object with the other. They will provide the necessary cushioning to prevent the smaller items to topple down or lose their shape.

• It will be wise to carry very expensive items while you travel alone. Don’t send them in the containers because you never know when accidents take place. There can be items that hold special sentimental value. You wouldn’t want to lose them locked inside a container.

Average cost to hire portable moving containers

There are numerous companies that have started offering portable containers these days. Everyone wants to have a good customer base and that is one reason why this service has become so cost-effective. On an average, your total cost of hiring the container and loading and unloading will cost around $300. $200 is the average cost to hire the container and another $100 for the pickup and drop, plus loading and unloading charges. Compared to what you had to pay to the packers and movers for the same job, the price would have been almost double.