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  Churchill Lodge - ideas for your home lodge? 

 One of Minnesota's two new evening lodges is Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351. The charter members have combined a British theme with a - quite American - pragmatic focus on what works best, and thus have created something unique.

For a time, the new lodge used space here on LodgeBuilder to host their web pages, but now have moved to their own website. Brethren and friends participate in a rousing discussion on how they formed their new lodge, and what they are learning. International connections and a commitment toward mentoring offer a healthy perspective on how a new lodge ought to connect with others. See for yourself, at ChurchillLodge.org...

                            Churchill Lodge: a viable and growing affinity lodge model.

  Welcome to LodgeBuilder 

Dedicated to the quality, solvency and viability of Masonic lodges, and of other fraternal societies in North America.

There is wide variety among lodges and chapters of these organizations. Some are successful, and some are not. Some were formed recently; others are quite old. One aspect we share is that all of us are values-driven organizations. We build better men and better communities guided by our values and ethics.

LodgeBuilder seeks to collect and promote Revitalization ideas. We do this by collecting three things:

  1. A wide variety of Fraternity-related topics in the Discussion Forums,
  2. Success Stories“, which show revitalization ideas put to practice, and
  3. “Best Practices“, proven ideas with statistical backing, which have gained consensus as the best way(s) to get the job done. --Now being developed.

Use the links at left to read case studies of successful groups and to map out your own strategy to stabilize and rebuild your lodge or chapter.  LodgeBuilder supports goal-setting and strategic planning as the keys to lodge revitalization. Rebuilding a lodge or chapter is a process driven by local leaders, while at the same time Grand Officers ought to inspire and encourage the process. LodgeBuilder seeks to document the many good ideas found in our lodges so that others can learn from their examples. We are in this together. Please comment on the discussion boards, and add to the conversation.

Brothers, we have just come through a time when many of our organizations were shaken to their foundations by a wave of anti-establishment, materialistic individualism. Since 1960, membership has declined. We’ve heard of the “me generation”, and how the majority of men and women of Baby Boomer age (born 1943 to 1960) rejected these organizations as castoffs of a previous age. Yet thankfully, the children of the Baby Boomers, "Gen X" and "Gen Y", are showing a remarkable interest in the traditions of their grandparents. Indeed, this has led to the renewal of a number of lodges and chapters of the great fraternities: The Freemasons, the Scottish & York Rites, the Shrine and the OES have all enjoyed substantial pockets of revitalization. The Oddfellows have their success stories, as do America's civic fraternities. LodgeBuilder helps discover HOW and WHY.

This website is designed to explore the strategies and programs that these successful groups have learned, and to share these ideas across North America.

Scottish Rite Freemasons have a saying we should all heed, in Latin: “Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separadit.” Which translated means, “Whom virtue has united, death shall not separate.”

And from Albert Pike, 33°, “That which we do for ourselves dies with us … that which we do for others lives forever.”

On with the good work, my friends.

  Site Update 

Minnesota's new Sir Winston Churchill Lodge #351 is hosting their website here.

SVR Tools for Minnesota, Kansas and Virginia are available - see the SVR Tool page. 

Historian and writer, Wor. Ed Halpaus of Minnesota uses the discussion forums linked on the left for his “Masonic Monday“ questions and other posts. Welcome, readers! In addition to Ed's fine work, I've recently added some links to 70 of Carl Claudy's Old Tiler Talks columns in the Leadership section of the Discussion Forums. Enjoy!

We're still looking for contributions in the Discussion Forums regarding the “Quality“ or “Restoration“ movements that have impacted some lodges with improved education, philosophical direction and higher standards. See the Leadership section within the Discussion Forums for the most recent postings. Finally, remember, suggestions of success stories from the Masonic world are welcome. -Tom

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